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    I have a wide repertoire and am an experienced vocalist/guitarist wishing to find a musical partner to perform as a duo or maybe a couple of people to form a trio. Some of my influences are: SRV, Jimi, Janis, Old Motown, Old R&B, Oldies, Southern/classic rock, Clapton, Santana, Cocker, Doors, Allmans, Skynrd, Beth Hart, Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, etc...

    July 3, 2015 4:49:48 PM CDT
  • Musicians for a Metal band

    We're a metal band and we already have a few members but we need some more. Here's a song we've made. We have some recording equipment.

    July 1, 2015 7:33:46 PM CDT
  • Bass player preferably with vocals

    We are a recently formed band mostly looking to play 80's-90's rock. We are in our early 40's and practice in the ballwin area. Prefer someone with backup vocals but not a requirement. The bands we are currently working on are Dangerous Toys, Ratt, Ozzy, Judas Priest, XYZ, Night Ranger, Van Halen, poison, Firehouse...... Thanks for looking. Call o...

    July 1, 2015 7:35:31 AM CDT
  • Keyboard player with excellent reading ability.

    The band Everyday People is looking for a keyboard player with excellent reading ability. EDP is a 7-8 piece band that plays mainly private events and a few restaurant/ Bars. If you can sing harmony parts, that would be a plus. If this is of interest, please contact us for additional information. Thank you

    June 28, 2015 7:21:54 AM CDT
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  • Videos
    Posted by Michael Adams December 15, 2012

    Posting Videos can now be done without having to post them to YouTube or other services first.  The great thing is that adding a video to an ad on the classified site will be even easier if it's hosted on your profile.  More information will be posted on the FAQ page of St. Louis Music Classified.

  • Welcome to the NEW network!
    Posted by Michael Adams December 8, 2012

    The updated network is now online!  Feel free to invite your band mates to join by sending an invite.

    Also, make sure when you are away from your computer, you can still stay active with your mobile device.  Try it out!

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    Wes Searcy Michael, just another word of thanks for the tenacity in maintaining your websites.  You are a big help to the STL Music Community and your efforts are very much appreciated.  
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